Monday, July 30, 2012

Food Scraps Have Potential

Did you know that by replanting some old table scraps you are able to regrow your own fresh produce? Remains such as seeds, pits, and stalks may be used go give yourself a wonderful bounty. Not only that, but by doing it in the comfort of your own home you will be able to create free, organic, vitamin and mineral rich foods. How's that for sustainability?

Spring Onion

With green onions simply cut off the white ends and put them in water for a day before you replant them outside. There should be signs of regrowth soon after.
On a side note, personally I don't like green onions, but I am posting it here for your everyone's benefit. [chuckles]


Don't throw away those celery stalks. Grab yourself a little bowl and soak the bottom in water for a day or two. Then plant your stalk in soil and tada, you're done! It's like growing your own leaf Pokemon. "Bulbasaur!"

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato, one of my favorite sushi rolls. (I'm not a fan of seafood.) Soak the bottom half in water, and when shoots begin to sprout cut them off, and plant them. Simple enough isn't it?

Ginger Root

Take a piece of fresh ginger root and and soak it over night. Bury it in the soil with its buds facing up, preferably in shady conditions. Be sure to water your yummies regularly.
I have seen my own ginger sprout in the cupboard on its own. Same thing has happened to me on multiple occasions with the delectable mentioned below.


Ah, garlic cloves. Where could my aunt's amazing homemade Caesar dressing be without you? If desired soak them in a little bit of water over night, then plant them in your garden or pot. Not everyone has a backyard. Myself included.


You need not be a tropical region to grow this delicious fruit. Cut off the top and trim off bits and pieces of the rough skin. Let it dry, then place it in water until roots begin to show. Transplant the pineapple into some soil, and move it to a place somewhere warm. They would look cute in decorated pots in someones bathroom.

You are able to regrow almost anything if you simply open your wondrous eyes to the possibilities. Apples, cucumbers, pumpkins, strawberries, oranges, peppers, and so much more. Create your own harvest and be proud of your accomplishments beloved ones. The first step is learning, the next is applying what you know. You can do it, the plant kingdom is cheering for you, and so am I.